XtraForsPrime - FP Series Slotless Brushless Servo Motors

Complete line of Slotless brushless servo motors achieve ultra-performance

The FP slotless design provides higher power density, superior peak torque, higher speed, improved efficiency and zero cogging torque. Looking to improve your machine performance or just reduce size and weight, this is the motor for you!

Infranor Bullet Logo 3D CAD files can be found HERE.

  • Compact size
  • High torque
  • High speed
  • Zero cogging
  • Customizable Modular construction
  • Stall torque 0.25 - 75 Nm
  • Frame Size: 34 to 192 mm
  • Windings: 48 to 600 Vdc
  • CE Certified
  • UL and cUL Certified


  • Flight Simulators
  • Metrology
  • Machine Tooling
  • Traction Motors
  • Medical (Low Ferrous Content)
  • Warehouse Automation
Technical data

FP tech data

                   FP Torque Curves


Mechanical Dimensions

FP Dim 1

FP Dim 2

Note: Other versions of the XtraForsPrime will have different values. Download our brochure for full information.

3D CAD files can be found HERE.

Versions and Options
Standard version
  • Resolver feedback
  • Shaft with keyway (except FP0023 and FP0055, smooth shaft standard)
  • Protection IP-65
  • Rotatable angled connectors
  • PTC thermal sensor
  • RoHS compliance
  • CE compliance
Standard Options
  • Encoder feedback types including incremental, SinCos, Hiperface, and Endat
  • Shaft without keyway
  • Protection IP-67
  • Shaft seal
  • Straight connectors
  • Direct flying lead cable output
  • NTC thermal sensor
  • UL recognition
Customized versions
  • Shafts (i.e. hollow shafts)
  • Flanges, housings
  • Frameless motor kits
  • Windings
  • Connections
  • Executions according to customer's specification
  • Cable Assemblies or only cable separately also available
  • Special set of cables can be provided separately
  • Optional mating connector supplied separately