Infranor Three-Phase Brushless Servo Drive

The PAC Series

The PAC series is a three-phase brushless servo drive. This drive can control servo rotary and linear motors with its easy-to-use features like auto-tuning and auto-phasing. Designed for industrial environments whether they be standalone or multi-axis applications. The PAC drive can be configured and controlled using our free and intuitive Optio Software which can be downloaded below.

Infranor Bullet logo 3D CAD files found HERE.

  • High Efficiency
  • Panel Mount
  • Easy Configuration/Setup
  • High Performance
  • Auto-tuning and Auto-phasing
  • Bus Voltage: 162 - 680 Vdc
  • Cont. Current: 2.5 - 75 Arms
  • Frame Size 230 (L x H x W)
    178 x 150 x 75 mm
  • Frame Size 400 (L x H x W)
    195 x 235 x 85 mm
    218 x 295 x 167 mm
  • CE Certification
  • cUL Certification (Pending)


  • Standalone
  • Dual Loop
  • Multi-Axis
  • OEMs
Technical data

Infranor Three-Phase Brushless Servo Drive

PacHP Details

Mechanical Dimensions

PAC Drive Dimensions

3D CAD files can be found HERE.

Versions and Options
Standard Version
  • AK - Analog / CANopen
  • ET - EtherCAT
  • KD - Analog / CANopen (Digital Feedback)
  • ED - EtherCAT (Digital Feedback)
  • PN - Profinet (Under development)
Customized Version
  • Firmware
  • Multi-axis in a single unit


Drive Codification

PAC HP Series

PAC Ordering Code:

PACHP Servo Drive Ordering codes

PAC HP Version chart

PAC Mating Connector Codes:

PACHP Servo Drive Mating Connector Codes

PACHP Servo Drive Mating Connector Descriptions


PAC Accessory Codes:

PACHP Servo Drive Comm Adapter

PAC External Braking Resistor Codes:

-See the Braking Resistor manual in the more downloads section.

See our mating cable page for the addon servo cable part numbers.

Infranor Servo Motor Cables




Available Options
  • Mating Connectors (Power, Logic, Command)
  • Capacitor Box (230V drive only)
  • GDPS Power Supply (400 V drive for 45-200 Arms versions)
  • Braking Resistors
  • I/O Terminal Breakout Board
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