Infranor Specialty Motors

Our Latest Specialty Motors and Custom Solutions: High-Precision Fit for Niche Applications

Some applications demand more than standard offerings. So, we built upon our high-precision industrial brushless servo motors to help you find the ideal fit for your niche applications. Engineered to meet increased specifications and unique operational requirements, Infranor’s custom and specialty motors let you to overcome your most complex challenges.

Our specialty motors power some of the world’s most demanding industries, from nuclear applications to oil and gas.

Get to Know Our Custom and Specialty Motors

The Custom Motor: Adjusted to Meet Exact Requirements

Our existing brushless servo motor designs provide the foundation for our custom motors. We can alter a range of features to meet your exact requirements and improve machine performance, including, for instance, the shaft diameter or length, flange mounting pattern, feedback devices, connectorization, pinout, custom windings, and liquid or air cooling.

In certain circumstances, we design a servo motor from the bottom up if one of our standard designs cannot be used. Custom motor options can be ordered in quantities as low as 10-50 units depending on what you require.

The Specialty Motor: Designed for Specific Operations or Environments

Does your operation require motors that can sustain hazardous or flammable conditions, extreme temperatures, water submersion, radiation, or high-pressure fluids? Our specialty motors are designed for your most severe environments. Your needs determine whether we will custom design the motor or base the design on one of our standard brushless servo motor offerings.

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