Optio Drive Software

Free To Dowload and Use!

   Optio is Infranor's free-to-use servo drive software that is compatible with all of our servo drive series. Optio allows you to easily and quickly set up your Infranor or third-party servo motor with just a few simple steps. Step through the setup wizard to configure your project based on your needs. Use built-in features like Auto-tuning and Auto-phasing to get your project underway fast.

  • Auto-Phasing
  • Auto-Tuning
  • Sequencing / Indexing
  • Camming
  • Gearing
  • Input and Output Mapping
  • Standard and Custom Motor Library
  • Fieldbus Setup
  • Standalone Motor Control
  • User Posistion Scaling
  • Save and Load Projects
  • Built In Oscilloscope


Technical data


   Set up connection with the PACHP and Easy Drives using a USB type B Mini cable through RS-232 serial communication. This is the easiest way to configure the drives using Optio as well as run your motor through Optio's Device Control Window. When a Fieldbus is used from a controller or multi-axis application you can monitor objects through Optio's Terminal window and configure the Fieldbus if you are using one of our drives as the Master.
   Labview can be used with our drives by passing ASCII commands. Optio will no longer be used in this instance. Contact us for more information.

Optio Fieldbus and Communication
Optio Autotuning Feature


   With a few selections from the provided drop-down menus, you can tune your servo motor with a click of a button. This is a great way to get your project moving fast. If Auto-tuning doesn't get you 100% where you need to be then we can use the already calculated values and fine-tune them in the Manual tuning tab. Tuning will give you a nice stable and stiff servo loop.


   With one button click, Auto-Phasing gives you peace of mind when wiring up your motor phases to the PACHP or Easy drives. We will always supply you with the correct motor wiring diagram but in case you have misplaced it or are using a third-party motor or mating cables Auto-Phasing will find the correct phase sequence to be able to run your motor. This feature eliminates troubleshooting and saves you from potentially damaging a motors. 

 Optio Autophasing Feature
Optio Input and Output Configuration


Inputs / Outputs

   Configure Inputs and Outputs by dragging and dropping I/O objects from the selection list to the corresponding I/O position. Choose whether you want the drive Enable function to be handled by software / Fieldbus, discrete IO, or turn on automatically at powerup.

Sequencing and Indexing

   When using our PACHP and Easy drives in standalone mode you have the ability to run up to 32 sequences/indexes from our Sequence Editor. These sequences can be tied to external inputs and outputs as well as linked to each other to perform Jump conditions. You have the ability to use Homing, Position, Velocity, Torque, Camming, and Gearing modes in sequences.

 Optio Sequencing and Indexing Feature
Optio Oscilloscope Image


   Use the built-in oscilloscope to trace position, velocity, current, and many other parameters over time using the 8 available channels. Save the files for later use as well as format them to be shared with colleagues. The oscilloscope allows you to measure each active channel with built-in math functions like Min, Max, Average, and discrete values.



Video Tutorials

We are updating and creating new Optio videos constantly so be sure to check out our YouTube channel (Infranor USA) to stay up to date. Let us know if there is something specific you would like us to make a video of.

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